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The Apollon Water treatments is your solution for clearer, purer water and a better life quality.



Do not overlook the quality of your water

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Do you worry about the quality of the water you use in your daily routine?Whether you rely on tap or well water, using a water treatment system may be greatly beneficial. For clean and healthy water, trust the team of specialists at Les traitements d’eau Apollon Inc.

You may not realize that you need a water treatment system but here are some undeniable clues that prove that your water quality is not optimal:

-Strange odour and/or colour;
-Limestone deposit on valves and fittings;
-White clothing turning grey;
-Rough skin and hair;
-Presence of bacteria (E. coli, etc.) and heavy metals (uranium) in water;
-Rust stains, and more.

Even if your water is clear and odourless, it can still contain bacteria like E. Coli or heavy metals like uranium. We’re here to provide effective and long-lasting solutions, regardless of your water situation!

We are authorized distributors of EcoWater Systems products in the Outaouais region. EcoWater has been a leader in water treatment systems since 1925.

We can analyze your water to determine which filtration system would be best for you.

Conditioners treat and filter your water. Water refiners provide the same improvements in addition to removing chlorine. It may be worth mentioning that drinking chlorinated water may be associated with a higher likelihood of cancer and it could even double your risk of bladder cancer.

Do you know what hard water is? You may have hard water problems without even knowing about it. If your water contains limestone, it’s hard water. The harder the water, the more important the purchase of a water softener becomes.

Water softeners increase the efficiency of your water heater and home appliances (washing machine and dishwasher) by eliminating limestone accumulation. Installing a water refining, softening and conditioning system also offers the following benefits:

- Pure and good tasting water;
- Laundry comes out cleaner and brighter;
- Decrease in expenses for household and personal care products (shampoo, moisturizer);
- No more scale or residual stains on your counter tops, sinks, baths and showers;
- Improved skin and hair;
- Prevent early wear and tear in your appliances, pipes, valves, fittings and water heater;
- Lower energy consumption.


Disinfection system

Do you need an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system? We sell such systems. UV disinfection is ecological and effective against bacteria.

Would you like to know how iron filters work? Do you think an iron filter could improve the quality of your water? Contact us to learn more.

The average cost of untreated water is around $60 per month. Using our water treatment services could save you anywhere from 17% to 100% of the additional costs associated with untreated water.



We offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Please contact us to get a free analysis. We’ll gladly come to your home and analyze your water. Consult our Products section if you’d like more information about our products, their characteristics and how they can improve your water quality.