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You’re probably already aware that approximately 70% of the human body is composed of water. Since water is essential to the functioning of our body, wouldn’t you agree on the importance of only absorbing high-quality water?

Les traitements d’eau Apollon offers a complete range of services for pure and healthy water.

We offer free analyses in your home or at our store. Go ahead and take advantage of our expertise, at absolutely no cost to you!  We’ll gladly advise you on the type of water treatment best suited to your needs.

We sell, install and repair water treatment systems and well-pumping systems. You’re only interested in buying one of our products and you’d like to install it yourself? No problem. Please note that this does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

We offer microbiological and physicochemical analysis services through a laboratory accredited by Quebec’s Ministère du Développement Durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs. Using such analysis, you can ascertain that your water is free of bacteria or other organic contaminants.

Our customer service is excellent. Your system needs maintenance? Don’t hesitate to call our skilled technicians.

We can also rely on getting support from our partner, EcoWater Systems.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering a fairly rare service: a recycling program for old reverse-osmosis cartridges and other used cartridges. You can recycle your old cartridges by dropping them into the recycling container that is provided at our store. Using a reverse-osmosis system and reusable cartridges will reduce the accumulation of plastic water bottles in landfills.

Moreover, by doing business with us, you are helping the environment because EcoWater Canada is the first water treatment company to receive theZerofootprint Certificate of Compliance for water treatment products.

At Les traitements d’eau Apollon, you’re entitled to personalized service. We offer turn-key solutions tailored to your needs.

Do you need another good reason why you should use our services?

According to a study, taking long hot showers can pose health risks due to exposure to chemicals in the water. These chemicals evaporate and are inhaled in addition to being absorbed through the skin. It’s certainly another good reason to use a water treatment system!

Don’t wait any longer. Take advantage of our expertise and contact us for a free analysis.

Consult our Products section to find a system that suits your needs or come meet with us and we’ll advise you.